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Spring is the precursor to Summer. It is the season of rebirth, a time to flush out the old and in with the new. The month of March signals that Spring is finally here. And we welcome it with open arms as we gladly say goodbye to the colder months. Therefore, let’s take a look at some possible Spring breaks on the Greek islands.

Of course, those based in Greece get to enjoy a fairly mild climate even during winter. And that is one of the many reasons I have fallen utterly in love with this country. March in Greece specifically, paraphrasing Charles Dickens, is Summer in the light and Winter in the shade.

During the first month of Spring, the Greeks have a tradition to wear the ‘Martis’ bracelet, which is threaded with white and red string and is supposed to protect from getting sunburned and from various flu and allergies usually associated with the start of Spring. Of course, at the peak of Spring merriment is Easter!

Upon us in less than a month’s time, Easter means serious festivities. Undoubtedly, Spring is a great opportunity to travel and get your Summer mojo rising.

Santorini Secret: Pool and sea view.
Santorini Secret: Pool and sea view.

Spring dreaming of Santorini

Santorini is always a good idea. During all the season when Santorini welcomes visitors, typically from April to October, this island’s magical ambiance never ceases to amaze. In the springtime, more so than in the summer, Santorini is an absolute delight, mostly for those into photography.

The island enjoys fewer crowds as most people are not brave enough to swim in the sea. So they don’t often relate the islands with Spring breaks. As a result, in the season of blooming nature, Santorini can provide an unprecedented holiday experience. Since Easter also means that school is out, it’s a good idea to take the kids to see Santorini. (As we have said many times, Santorini is not only for adults!).

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The gorgeous Santorini Secret Suites & Spa Hotel in Oia is the ideal romantic retreat for adults in Santorini. However, those traveling with the family can choose its sister counterpart, a more family-friendly luxury hotel in Oia. Luxurious accommodation with private pools that gaze into the Aegean sea, where you can soak up the sun on your terrace or take a dip if it gets too hot. Remember: In Spring the Greek sun in Spring is notoriously strong!

Santorini Secret Premium Maisonette Suite
Santorini Secret Premium Maisonette Suite.

Spring cruising desires

Although the sea may still not be warm enough for most people, the seas of Greece are very much enjoyable. Spring cruises around the Greek islands can get you close enough to the sea, but be sure to bring a light jacket on board. We have mentioned the many advantages of choosing a cruising holiday to explore the natural beauty of Greece.

The huge geographic distances than can be covered by sailing or cruising is almost unfathomable compared to the amount of time and effort if you were to cover the same by conventional island hopping. You can visit more than a handful of islands, as many as 1 a day over a week-long cruise in absolute ease and comfort.

Choosing a more sturdy type of vessel such as a cruiser or a yacht rather than the common sailing boats means you can avoid the to and fro movements. One reason why people may be discouraged to try sailing is seasickness, which can be a true holiday damper. Yet, if you choose a boutique cruiser, then that can be avoided.

View of the Caldera, Santorini.
View of the Caldera, Santorini.

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View of Santorini during spring.

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