Legacy Gastro Suites, Heraklion (Review)

A new concept in hospitality 

The recent opening of Legacy Gastro Suites in the capital of Crete, Heraklion, is already setting a landmark on the island’s panorama as far as accommodation and gastronomy is concerned. They manage to combine the unique traits of the Greek diet with an ancestral artistic legacy. I feel in love with a vanguard proposal of exclusive luxury and the refined tastes of the local tradition.

Years of blog experience has taught me that hospitality is an industry that never ceases to surprise. It leaves an immense space it leaves for creativity and innovation to please every traveler.

As a trend, the last years have seen the rise of ecotourism hand in hand with sustainable hotels. Then, thematic resorts came along too, but now it’s time for Gastronomic Hotels. 


dining table with flowers
Dining table, Legacy Gastro Suites, Heraklion.


Legacy Gastro Suites

Not, the moment has come for an exclusive boutique hotel to introduce the country‚Äôs inherited culture to the world. Karatarakis Hotel and Restaurants introduce us to Legacy Gastro Suites is a five-star hotel that reveals the substance of the Greek legacy, gastronomy, and culture.

Located right in the center of Heraklion, the capital of Crete, this new venue completely blew my mind. In love with the local culture, Greek food, and writers, in particular, I didn’t need much to fall in love.

Legacy Gastro Suites starts a whole new concept: cultural hospitality. In the suites, everything is ready for a premium experience made of authentic Greek tastes and a completely diverse environment.


Wouldn’t you love to sit at this desk in a suite inspired by Nikos Kazantzakis? I loved it.

Welcome to Crete

As a guest, it is possible to experience the gastronomic concept in every corner of the premises. A culinary trip starting at check-in, which is enhanced with culinary samples of the Greek tradition; you enter a world made of fragrant biscuits and freshly-baked pies combined with home-made refreshments.


The Gastro Suites

The exclusive boutique suites are home to a refined food station. Rooms are filled with products and ingredients from all over Greece, therefore making it easy to indulge in the unique flavors of the country.

A palette of culinary treasures that really don’t put you in the mood to leave your room. Cold cuts, aged cheeses, and fermented bread baked in a typical wooden oven are just some of the surprises. For instance,  and for wine lovers like me,  there are premium Greek wine labels enhancing each flavor. 

With a dedicated menu, the hotel encourages to experience a unique a-la-carte breakfast from the comfort of the bed.


mirror and poem
Inspired in the works of the Cretan poet Kornaros, the K suite is the most romantic room I’ve ever seen.


Iconic hospitality

The food intention finds a place in every one of the twelve boutique suites. And above all, it comes hand in hand with a cultural aspect in which tradition and vanguard, share the same space.

The iconic suites give life to an artistic atmosphere of authentic Cretan character. These inspire in the life and works of three prominent characters of the Cretan cultural landscape. 

As a result, it’s hard to choose a room between the heritage of Nikos KazantzakisVicenzo Kornaro, and El Greco model the suites.

Inspired in the opulence of the Cretan post-war period, the urban design includes delicate colors and objects of design. Chandeliers, bookshelves, cozy sofas, and characteristic tables. That is to say that every detail counts.

My C. promises more

I was not able to visit the restaurant but I really can’t way to go back. My C. is Legacy’s restaurant and it offers cuisine made of old-time recipes and dishes of centennial tradition. Greek food with a Cretan twist is the key to this with a non-stop culinary offer, from breakfast to dinner.


The Concept of Local Hospitality

The Legacy concept implies that a favorite taste is a memory to carry home. Here, a gastro boutique allows purchasing these selected Greek flavors somehow extending the memories of the trip. Therefore, those of us who believe food is an essential part of culture have a place of their own.

In conclusion, elegance, tradition, and high-tech facilities are not different concepts. In addition, these are combined with smart ideas that produce results of excellence. This is the case with the Legacy Gastro Suites.

Legacy Gastro Suites is located in Eleftheria Square, right in the center of Heraklion.


Cretan breakfast
Good morning from Heraklion.

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