Best Things to Do in Eastern Europe

Are you planning a trip to Eastern Europe? Check out the best things to do in Bucharest, Budapest, Krakow, and Bratislava.

Eastern Europe is a very interesting part of the world. On the surface, it can have that refined look cities in Western Europe have, but the people and overall history cannot be further apart. The people of Eastern Europe are hospitable, warm-hearted and really joyous. Maybe that’s because of their rough history. Either way, they will be among some of the best people you will meet. Eastern Europe is really inexpensive so if you carefully plan your trip you’ll be able to experience all of these lovely cities for a more than fair price. Without further ado, here is a list of some of the best things to do in Eastern Europe.

Hungarian Parliament, Budapest.
Hungarian Parliament, Budapest.

Eastern Europe Travel Guide | What Cities to Visit and What to See and Do

Eastern Europe Itinerary


Within an Eastern Europe Itinerary, Bucharest is one of the most exciting places to be in right now. It has become very popular among young people in search of a good inexpensive party. To top it all up with experiencing Europe as you’ve never thought you could. In the last couple of years, Bucharest has become the number one destination for exclusive bachelor parties. So you can only imagine what kind of party are we talking about here.


Apart from being one of the top party destinations, Bucharest has a really authentic feel to it. It has some similarities with big Western cities in Europe but it’s culture and people have a different kind of hospitality. They are warm and welcoming people full of joy. That can be particularly felt when dining in their restaurants. The service is very polite and the food is simply mouthwatering. 

A really pretty street there will leave you with warmth in your heart. It’s the Umbrella Alley, called like this because of the colorful umbrellas which are hung through the entire alleyway. Not all of Bucharest is this whimsical, it can get robust at times but it’s just a part of the charm this city has.


If you want to experience the real Slavic feel, Krakow is the right place for you. Unfortunately, this city had a really terrible and tragic history. However, even with this in mind, that is only one more reason to respect this town and the heartwarming people who live there. 


Many tourists compare Krakow with Prague because of all of those cobblestone streets and alleys and the overall medieval vibe of the city. The buildings and streets are pretty rough on the edges but have that distinctive vintage look which is absolutely breathtaking. If you love rustic buildings with a bohemian vibe, strolling through this town will make you feel absolutely wonderful.

The people are really hospitable, polite and they do speak English. Some better some worse but either way they will make sure they answer your question even with hands if needed. There is a magical district there which was luckily left untouched since WWII. It’s a Jewish district called Kazimierz. It is absolutely authentic because nothing was touched nor changed for over 70 years! There you will find small cozy cafes, breathtaking synagogues, and antique bookshops. 


Budapest is one of the most “Westish” cities of all mentioned on this list. It is absolutely charming with one of the most beautiful landmarks you will ever see. Budapest consists of two parts of the city hilly Buda and flat Pesta. Between the two parts flows the wonderful river Danube. 


Budapest is the perfect city for people who want to enjoy culture, who want to see beautiful architecture and relax in their thermal spas. They have over 40 theaters and over 100 art galleries and museums. Budapest is just flowing with culture and a high-class vibe. But what’s great about exploring art and culture here is that it is so inexpensive that you will be able to see many things for your money’s worth. 

We recommend you visit the spectacular Opera House, The Palace of Parliament and one of their ravishing thermal spas. Budapest will make you feel like royalty. You will be able to marvel at all that art and after a long day of being culturally educated will be able to relax in a wonderful spa and even get a massage. And if that isn’t royal service, nothing is.


Bratislava is a small compact city full of life and joy. That’s probably due to the fact that many young students from all over Europe come to study here. They have one of the biggest student campuses in all of Europe. And where young people come, the party and the joyous atmosphere follow them. 


Bratislava is a great place for people who like to walk. The city is really small so any kind of transportation, apart from foot, won’t be very necessary. The atmosphere of the city can be found in the Old Town district where you will stumble upon great cozy cafes, tourists, young people, and street artists. Bratislava has a very rustic look to it, which brings a special kind of charm to the city.

The Kapitulska street should definitely be on your list. It has a great rustic vibe with cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways. You will also be able to see while strolling through the streets many interesting and funny statues Rubberneck being the most famous one. 

Make the Best of Your Eastern Europe Trip 

These cities are all very close to one another, so with good preparation, you can visit every town on this list. They all have a special kind of vibe and authenticity which is absolutely worth experiencing. Every city brings something new and exciting to the table. Eastern Europe is really special because of its people and their rich history.

 These cities are definitely worth exploring, you will see places as you’ve never seen before and broaden your horizons. And that is the most essential part of traveling meeting new people and getting to know their culture. 

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