Bali, Crete: Complete Guide by a Local

Bali Crete

Bali is a small coastal village on the island of Crete. It is a popular destination among travelers who choose Crete for their summer holidays.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about Bali if you plan to spend time in this enchanting village in the Rethymno region.

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Things to Do in Bali Crete

bali crete

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Basic Things to Know about Bali

bali crete
Bali village and beach.

Bali is a tranquil, laid-back village on the northern coast of the region of Rethymnon and a wonderful place for a vacation on the island.

It features several sandy beaches well-suited for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Since Bali is located on a bay, the waters are generally calm and clear, making it ideal for families. The main beach in Bali is Livadi, but there are other smaller coves and bays to explore.

bali crete
Bali, Crete

Bali is not just about natural beauty and gorgeous landscapes; the village also offers good places to stay, fantastic restaurants, and Cretan tavernas, and there are many things to do nearby if you enjoy taking small day trips and driving to explore the region.

Where is Bali

bali crete
One of the small chapels in the village, on the way to Panorama, over the hill.

Located on the island’s northern coast and belongs to the region of Rethymnon.

It’s about 30 kilometers east of Rethymno town. Its most distinctive traits of the popular tourist destination are the picturesque beaches scattered along different bays and the surrounding rugged cliffs with stunning views of the Cretan Sea.

Bali stands halfway between Rethymnon town and Heraklion. For that reason, the village serves as a convenient base from which to explore several areas on the island, including the southern coast. 

From Bali, you can easily reach the old town of Rethymnon, the Archaeological Site of Knossos, and—if you’re willing to drive a bit more—even some of the best beaches on the west coast of the island.

How to Get There

bali crete

You can get to Bali from nearby Rethymnon town, West Crete (Chania), or Heraklion by car, bus, or private transfer.

Rethymnon is the closest major city to Bali, approximately 35 kilometers to the east. The long-distance bus connecting Rethymnon to Heraklion is a good and fast option for getting to Bali. The main bus stop is outside of Bali village, on the National Road.

From here, you can easily call a taxi (if you’re carrying luggage) to the center of the village, or you can ask for transfer services from your hotel.

To get to Bali from Chania, Crete, you have a few transportation options:

  • You can get to Bali from Chania by car (about 50 km), the journey is about 90 minutes by national road (E75). It’s a beautiful scenic ride along the northern coast of the island.
  • It’s also possible to get to Bali by bus from Chania. You can take a bus from the main bus station in Chania (KTEL) to Heraklion and get off at Bali, or take the bust to Rethymnon, and then, at the Rethymnon Bus Station – you can either take the bus to Heraklion and stop in Bali or transfer to a local bus that stops in Bali.
  • Finally, booking a private transfer service from Chania to Bali is also possible. 
bali crete

Getting to Bali from Heraklion:

  • The most convenient way to reach Bali from Heraklion is by car. Follow the national road (E75) towards Rethymnon. After approximately 46 kilometers, take the exit for Bali. The journey takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Bus services connect Heraklion with Bali. You can take a bus from the main bus station in Heraklion (KTEL) to Rethymnon. 
  • Besides, the long-distance bus from Heraklion to Chania stops near Bali on the road. The bus follows the national highway (E75) and stops at designated points, including a stop near Bali. So, if you take the long-distance bus from Heraklion to Chania, you can request to be dropped off at the stop near Bali. From there, you can make your way to the village of Bali by foot or taxi.

Best Things to Do in Bali, Crete

In no particular order, here are some things you can do in Bali.

Go to the Beach

bali crete
Livadi Beach.

One of the main reasons why people choose to stay in Bali is the collection of gorgeous beaches and quiet bays around the area.
And, of course, you can spend your days relaxing on the sand or swimming in crystal-clear, often shallow waters.

In Bali, it’s also possible to engage in water sports, including snorkeling—which is quite popular—diving and windsurfing.

Livadi Beach is the main beach in Bali, but you can also explore other nearby beaches like Varkotopos and Limani. You will find a list of the most beautiful beaches in Bali down below.

Boat Trips around Bali’s Coast

bali crete
Fishing and tourist boats in the small harbor of Bali.

Several private companies in the main village offer boat trips to explore the coastline and the small hidden coves.

Many boat tours depart from Bali and offer the opportunity to discover secluded beaches, swim in remote bays, and enjoy the scenic views of the Cretan Sea.

Water Sports

bali crete
Jet skiing in Bali, Rethymnon.

If you’re looking for a thrilling holiday, plenty of sea adventures await in Bali. For instance, you can try jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding (a family favorite), and banana boat rides.

Equipment rentals and water sports centers are available along the beaches and the village’s main road.

Explore Nearby Cave Melidoni

bali crete

There are several caves near Bali that you can visit. The most famous is Melidoni Cave, which is historical and archaeological in importance and one of the most visited sites in the area.

Also known as Gerontospilios, the cave is a significant archaeological and historical site located about one km outside the village of Melidoni, about 10 km east of Bali, nestled in the countryside.

bali crete
Melidoni Cave.

Considered a natural marvel, it has huge stalactite and stalagmite formations adorning its chambers. The main chamber is about 20 meters high.

The cave’s history spans thousands of years: It was used as a place of worship and associated with the mythological Talos. This giant bronze automaton was thought to protect the island.

Besides, different archaeological excavations have revealed significant finds from the Neolithic period and the Minoan civilization, including pottery, tools, and animal bones.

bali crete
Altar in the cave commemorating the dead of local villagers.

The cave has a vital significance in the recent history of the island since, during the Cretan Revolution (1824) against Ottoman Rule, about 370 villagers who had sought refuge in the cave were trapped by the Turkish inside the chambers and died.

Visit the Old Town of Rethymno

Rethymnon Old Town.

As I’ve already mentioned, Rethymnon City is easily reachable from Bali by driving west along the National Road. Therefore, a day trip to Rethymnon’s Old Venetian Town and Ancient Harbor is a great idea.

The small old town includes a wide pedestrian area with narrow cobblestone alleys and ancient Venetian and Turkish houses.

You can visit the Venetian Fortezza, the Lighthouse, and some museums, such as the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon or the Historical and Folklore Museum of Rethymnon (you can check out all Rethymnon’s museums here).

Hiking in Bali

bali crete

The area surrounding Bali is known for its natural beauty. You can hike along the coastal paths and explore the nearby hills and mountains.

The landscape offers breathtaking views and opportunities to discover local flora and fauna.

For instance, you can climb Mount Kouloukonas (1076 meters a.s.l.). The hike is short but also quite steep and difficult. Certified alpine guides at several village tour offices can offer more insight.

Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos

bali crete
(Courtesy Tripadvisor)

Located on a hillside overlooking the village of Bali, the Monastery of Agios Ioannis (Saint John) is a significant religious site worth visiting.
The bay’s views down below are amazing from the monastery’s patio.

The monastery, which was built in the seventeenth century, is located in the village of Attali (it is also known as Attali Monastery).

According to what locals confirm, this area of Crete remained quite isolated during the past until 1970, when the new national road was built.
For that reason, the area surrounding Bali is home to many other religious centers, monasteries, caves, and much more.

This particular place is a male monastery that develops on two different levels, and it has an old mill, a pottery workshop, and the monks’ bakery.

The refectory features beautiful frescoes, while the patio with stone arches and plenty of flowers is one of the building’s most picturesque parts.

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Best Beaches in Bali Crete

Of course, the main reason for staying a few days in Bali is to visit the beach. Over here, each cove has unique features and appeal.

Since the village spreads along a hilly coast, going from one beach to the next can be hard if you do not have a car. The local Bali tourist train can be a good alternative to moving around. These are the top beaches in Bali.

Bali Beach or Limani Beach

bali crete

The main beach of Bali is located in the village itself. It is a sheltered bay with calm and shallow waters, suitable for swimming and snorkeling. This is the old port beach. In fact, Limani means port in Greek.

The beach is well-organized, with sun loungers, umbrellas, and water sports facilities. There are tavernas and beach bars to relax and enjoy refreshments.

Livadi Beach

bali crete

The most popular (and often crowded) beach west of Bali is Livadi, a sandy cove surrounded by green, lush cliffs.

Despite being so popular, the beach is peaceful. It’s ideal for sunbathing and long swimming sessions. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent and there are also a few snack bars.

If you’re looking for some privacy and seclusion, head to the eastern extreme of the beach to enjoy the small beach of Vlychi Nero, where there are no organized structures.

Varkotopos Beach

bali crete

Another beautiful bay, perfect for families (less windy than Livadi) is Varkopotos Beach. This is a small, sandy shore at the foot of a steep hill. Although the beach is small, it’s a nice sandy and shallow spot for small kids.

Over here you can rent an umbrella to spend a long day by the sea. There are a couple of beach bars in the area as well.

Next to this Varkotopos (towards the east, after the rock pictured in the photo), you can also visit the small Kouskouras Beach.



Also known as Evita Bay, this is Bali’s most beautiful beach. It’s the shore most people prefer for its stunning landscapes. Karavostasi is a sandy shore to the west of Bali, with crystal-clear waters and a peaceful atmosphere.

The beach is accessible via a short hike down a path, which adds to its secluded charm. However, you will find a few umbrellas to rent (or you can also choose to seek refuge under the shadow of the trees on both sides of the bay.

Day Trips and Excursions from Bali, Crete

Spili, Crete.

Located on the northern coast within the Rethymnon region, it’s easy to access several villages and other interesting places, these are some of the places you cannot miss if you’re spending time in Bali.

Ancient Eleftherna

This is an important archaeological site dating back over 4,000 years. The site includes remains from different periods, including Minoan, Geometric, Archaic, Hellenistic, and Roman. You can explore the ruins of ancient buildings, tombs, and cemeteries and visit the small but incredibly modern museum of Elefterna. In this article, you can read more about the archaeological sites to visit in Crete.

  • Eleftherna is about 15 km from Bali.

Arkadi Monastery

One of the most important monasteries on the island, Arkadi played a prominent role in the Cretan resistance against the Ottomans in the 19th century. The monastery houses a magnificent Baroque church and a small museum.

  • Arkadi Monastery is about 30 km from Bali.


The traditional village of Margarites is famous for its pottery craftsmanship. Located inland from Bali, the village offers a chance to witness traditional pottery making and even try your hand at pottery under the guidance of skilled artisans.

  • Margarites is 23 km from Bali.


Spili is a picturesque mountain village located south of Rethymnon and easily reachable from Bali. Its main attraction is the central square adorned with lion-head fountains. Water flows continuously from a nearby mountain spring from the mouth of the lions.

  • Spili is 55 km from Bali.

Preveli Beach

Preveli Beach
Preveli Beach.

For a scenic beach day, consider Preveli Beach. Located on the southern coast of Rethymnon, the beach features coarse sand, incredible palm trees, and a river that flows into the sea! And if you’re interested in historic sites, Preveli Monastery is not far from the beach, and it’s one of the essential monasteries that helped Crete forge its independence.

  • Preveli Beach is 63 km from Bali.

Where to Eat in Bali, Crete

Breakfast in Chania

You will have no issue finding dining options serving both delicious Cretan cuisine and international dishes. There are many tavernas, restaurants, and seaside eateries in Bali to taste the local culinary delights. I recommend these places:

  • Taverna Psaropoula is one of the most popular places to eat in Bali. Here, you will find Greek and Cretan dishes and abundant fresh seafood, including octopus and squid. There’s also outdoor seating with sea views. Check out the website and the reviews here.
  • Taverna Karavostasi is an excellent place for dinner in Bali. It offers amazing fish and fresh seafood but also traditional Cretan cuisine and plenty of vegetarian options. Check out the website and the reviews here.

Breakfast and Bakeries in Bali:

  • Baboo Lounge Beach Bar: There is nothing like starting the day in this beautiful beach bar on Livadi. They serve abundant breakfasts and offer light lunches, snacks, and drinks during the day. Sip your coffee or overlooking the beach. Check out the website and the reviews here.
  • Bali Coffee and Sweets: This bar and bakery is praised for its quality coffee, especially its cappuccinos. Vegan options are also available. Check out the website and the reviews here.

Best Areas to Stay in Bali

bali crete

Although the village is quite small, there are a few different areas to stay in Bali, and the different options would suit different preferences and budgets. You can pick a place to stay in any of these areas of the village.

Center of the Village

Staying in the village center gives you easy access to all the amenities and services available in Bali. The village boasts several hotels, apartments, guesthouses within walking distance of the beach, restaurants, cafeterias, and a few souvenir shops.

There are banks and ATMs, pharmacies, and supermarkets. This is a convenient area if you travel with small kids or you don’t plan to rent a car to move around.

Livadi Beach

Livadi is the main beach in Bali, therefore offering a varied choice of accommodations along the coast. Staying in this area gives you quick access to the sea and incredible views. You’ll find hotels, resorts, and self-catering apartments along the coast of Livadi.


bali crete

As its name suggests, this is the place to go for panoramic views of the Cretan Sea. This is a very peaceful neighborhood that stands on the hillside above Bali.

From here, you will enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the coast because most hotels and studios have terraces or balconies.


Located east of Bali, Limani is a quiet neighborhood with a lovely beach and a few accommodation options. The place is great for a more secluded and laid-back atmosphere.


When picking a place to stay in Bali, our choice fell on this quiet area of Bali, slightly to the west of the village Over here, most accommodations offer beautiful views of the sea, the mountains, and the surrounding countryside.

Where to Stay in Bali

bali crete

These are some of the most popular hotels in Bali, Crete, boasting great reviews from past guests.

  • Nostos Beach Boutique Hotel: Located just a few steps from the beach, the hotel offers a swimming pool with a bar and rooms with large balconies overlooking the sea. There’s also direct access to the beach via a safe pedestrian pathway. The hotel also offers breakfast, snacks, and cocktails. Ideal for families, Nostos features a playroom with toys, board games, and activities for children and adults.
    Click here for more information and to get the latest prices.

Our Stay in Varkotopos, Bali

bali crete
Our villa at the Filion Resort.

You can also consider the resort where we stayed near Bali, in the village of Varkotopos, a 5-minute drive from the center of Bali (less than 3 km), We wanted to enjoy a place far from the village and closer to the mountains.

And even when we often prefer simple accommodation with basic services, we wanted to enjoy a different weekend with all-inclusive services and spa treatments.

We chose the Filion Suites Resort & Spa and stayed in one of the detached villas instead of the main hotel complex. The resort features two restaurants, several swimming pools, a mini market, a shop, a tennis cours, and a spa with massage treatments.

Our villa had a private pool and a garden. The house included four bedrooms and four bathrooms, a comfortable and well-equipped kitchen (I never cooked, though!), and a comfy living room with a TV and games for the kids. There was also free parking and a fitness center available.


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