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One Hundred Days of Solitude

One Hundred Days of Solitude

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100 Days of Solitude is the book you would like to write. The one you will love to read. The literary critic sleeping in me would love to display her University diploma and prove it to you, with a deep analysis on how to write a book. I’d ask you to be attentive, to take down notes and learn. Because this is how you write a book.

Chasing Athens

Finding Home: Chasing Athens

Blog, Travel, Travel Books

There’s one thing expats go through at some point in life: trying to define the word home. It is never easy, it involves effort, tears and disappointment, even if you suspect where it is that you belong, even if you know that you do belong. Finding home is much more about finding yourself than you might think. A task that is stressful enough on its own, made even more difficult when it comes together with extra unexpected stress.

Girl Gone Greek

Who doesn’t want to Go Greek?


To her sister, Rachel has always been different. Having traveled the world, she has no better idea than taking a TEFL course… and moving to Greece!