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Athens Myhtological Tour: Walking Tour Ancient Athens
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Athens Mythological Tour: Walking Ancient Athens

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Why a Mythological Tour of Athens? Endless are the proposals for walking tours in Athens. Yet, as someone who’s grown up listening to the stories of the Gods of the Olympus, I could not choose otherwise. So I go in touch with Alternative Athens and after going through their website, I made up my mind; their mythological proposal was the one I wanted to experience… And it was a wise decision.

Chasing Athens
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Finding Home: Chasing Athens

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There’s one thing expats go through at some point in life: trying to define the word home. It is never easy, it involves effort, tears and disappointment, even if you suspect where it is that you belong, even if you know that you do belong. Finding home is much more about finding yourself than you might think. A task that is stressful enough on its own, made even more difficult when it comes together with extra unexpected stress.